Preparing For Your Fun-filled Portrait Session!

What time of day will the photos be taken?

If you're looking for a studio session, in-studio can be done anytime. When scheduling your session for on-location, we will set you up with the best possible time for the best natural, golden light. Typically, this means starting your session about an hour prior to sunset so we get the opportunity to have the warm hilghlights of the setting sun, sometimes we get lucky with shades of light pinks/yellows/purples that naturally beautify your image. During this time of day, you are burdened less with a bright, harsh yellow sun, less squinty eyes/harsh shadows and shine for those of us with shiny skin! For the littles, getting them down for their naps a little later in the day and arriving with full bellies will help to keep them in good spirits, having snacks on hand are always a plus!

What colors are best for a portrait?

My style is about colorful, vibrant, lively, meaningful moments. For the beach, I recommend deeper, bolder hues to provides a nice contrast, such as various blues, darker or vibrant colors; simple patterns also are aesthetically pleasing. If you have darker skin tones/a nice tan, an all white look can be dramatically classy without washing you out. White shirts and blue jeans are an awesome casual beach look! Accessories are a plus, things you would not normally wear on a casual day, scarfs, a little dramatic flare (i.e: earrings, necklace, head pieces, hats, etc.). Or if you're going for a 'simple' look then simplify!

Woodsy settings are great for more simple textures, lighter colors look awesome for contrast! Any other scenery you may have in mind just poke my brain for some recommendations!

How does the beach differ from other natural locations?

It can be windy! Keep in mind there are no trees, buildings, etc., and the winds can be unforgiving. When getting prepared for your beach session, if you have longer (especially, finer hair), any ruffles or layers in your clothing you may want to consider that anything that can move or flip up, will!



Worried that the kiddos won't smile?

 I am an observer. If your little one needs a more calm, soothing Photographer I will pick up on that and I will provide a relaxed and chill experience for them and I will get that sweet smile with any one of my tricks or props. But I'm going to get real with you, if your kiddos like a bundle of energy and loud, silly antics then by golly I will be tickling their toes, picking my nose, playing peek-a-boo, singing 'the wheels on the bus' till the cows come home and making farting noises to get those pearly whites showing! Rarely have I ever not been able to achieve my goal of capturing authentic smiles, from infants to tweens!

When will I receive my images?  

Turn around time is typically 1 week or sooner for your Reveal Session!

What if it rains on the date my session was scheduled?

Slots are kept available in order to accommodate a needed reschedule due to inclement weather or my studio is always available if under 6 subjects.

Do you edit your images?

Your images will be professionally edited. We make small enhancements to give your image the best quality possible, however, they will be minimally altered. We may make some images black and white just to give you some various flavors in your gallery.

Who takes the portraits?

The owner and proprietor of Ana's Eye Catchers.

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