Why choose me? Let me first say, if you're not looking for a bubbly, energetic, super silly personality to ensure you have an absolute blast while getting some pictures taken, using the best angles and lighting, then I am NOT your gal! If so, you and your family are in for a real treat! Even the dads are known to have fun being in front of my is possible! LOL! And when I'm not trying to dance like a little monkey for your kiddos, you can find me cuddling with my own babies (3 year old boy & 6 year old girl) and trying to steal quiet moments (what's that?!) with my own hubby of 13 years.
Life is stressful, especially for mama's. I am here to take some weight off your shoulders. Most of us moms arrange for these special life chapters to be documented, and I speak from personal experience, from searching for the right photographer, the planning, buying/coordinating outfits, getting the kids ready (while trying to get your SELF ready), trying not to look completely frazzled during the hopefully printing and getting something in a frame and up on your wall?! Phew!! Just breathe. I’ve got you mama. I am here to take care of everything short of getting you dressed ;) I want this experience to be about SMILES, LAUGHTER, LOVE and, above all else, FUN! Not only will I do all the planning and capture you and your family in the best light, I am a provider of tangible, heirloom quality mediums in the form of fine art, archival prints, stunning wall art (ready to hang, whaaaat?!) and heirloom albums that your babies will also be able to enjoy when they are older and can appreciate the beautiful childhood memories you've had documented. I will guide you from consult, to Portrait Session and even install your wall art if you desire.
I can’t wait to chat and create some magical memories together.


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