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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
By Ana's Eye Catchers Photography
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One of the most treasured things for me is to watch couples grow into families. This mom and dad have been with me for years, planning a different theme every year for their Anniversary sessions and I adore them. The joy I feel when new parents bring their littles to me is indescribable. Mom and I planned this sweet mermaid theme for months. She had seen my Unicorn Cake Smash/Milestone done earlier 2018 and loved it, however, she really loved the idea of a mermaid setting, too. In an effort to bring both her ideas to life, she requested a super cute Narwhal for the cake, edible artistry by the talented Cooks Cakery. Custom set design work was a labor of love at 10-12 hours of shopping, designing and set up for this session, cutting, mounting and propping everything into it's place. Water basin from Amazon as well as twinkle lights, most all the other goodies were items I've purchased from Facebook yard sales over the years!

How fun is this?! Everyone needs a little Narwhal in their life!!

This sweet girl had the face of an angel!!

Time to dig into that cake!

I always encourage parents bring something personal from home, a lovey, or something of the little ones that signifies this phase in their little life, making it a part of the session only personalizes their images more.

Time for the Splash! There are few things more adorable than a baby splashing in the tub with some bubbles! Throwing a little blue food coloring into the water really brought this little mermaid to life!

Monday, January 14, 2019
By Ana's Eye Catchers Photography
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This former boy mom was all too excited to finally get her Unicorn themed Milestone session for her long-awaited baby girl! She sent me some Pinterest images of ideas she had in mind and we collaborated for several months over phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook messenger...being a mom of 2 little ones myself you try to communicate any way you can LOL! I was hoping to come up with the dreamy Unicorn session mom had been waiting the end she said I nailed it! This stunning cake was a work of art by Cooks Cakery. My 12-15 hours later of shopping, designing and set up for this session, ONE letters were hand cut and designed by yours truly, bronze stars also each drawn and cut by hand, gorgeous cake stand from Home Goods, banners from Target, cloud filling purchased from Amazon as well as the backdrop and basin!

It usually only takes a minute for the babies to warm up to me, between playing peek-a-boo, tickling their toes or singing 'wheels on the bus', I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve to ensure they show me those baby teeth!

This sweet girls expressions were cracking me and mama up!!

I am a sucker for some baby toes!

It's cake time!! This girl needed a fork after pulling off all the goodies and was quite determined to dig deep LOL

This brown eyed girl was saving some for later!

Who doesn't love bubbles?!?!

It's Splash time!!