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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
By Ana's Eye Catchers Photography
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Kimmi & Thomas - Engaged!

I am usually documenting Families, Babies and Bellies. But every once in a while I get to capture something magical and inspiring, enter Kimmi & Thomas. These two were all sorts of giggles and starry eyes when we met for our Consult/Gown fitting. I love to hear the story of how it all began. Everyone has a story, the one you'll tell your children one day, the first chapter in your book. These two met when they were both working at Chik-fil-A! While their romance may not have blossomed there, it was the start of a beautiful friendship that was destined for more...

This being their very first professional Portrait Session, I was elated to show them all the fun that was in store! Believe me when I say they were total naturals in front of the camera and the electric energy between them is undeniable.

Gorgeous Hair & Make Up by Glam by Jazzy Adams

Listening to these lovebirds tell me their story, there were way too many coincidences to deny that these 2 are meant to be. Pleasure House Point was the perfect, romantic spot to capture their love. Kimmi donned a Chicaboo gown and flower crown from the AEC client closet, clearly one of the most versatile garments ever as this works beautifully on a size 2 or an expecting mama!

Once I get my couples to relax we get to play, which is when the real magic happens; the adoring gazes and the giggles (and, sometimes, attempts at choking LOL)!

This classic ring belonged to her parents and now she gets to begin her journey wearing it with the man she adores. 

A gorgeous couple with a gorgeous sunset, what more can you ask for?!

Looking onto the adventure ahead, full of joy, love, smiles, tears, new places, new challenges and changes, and they cannot wait to face it all together. 

They will be saying their vows to each other in front of the ones they love in July at The Founders Inn, it is bound to be one of the most intimate, beautiful, epic moments of their lives!

Monday, March 11, 2019
By Ana's Eye Catchers Photography
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This sweet boy has been in front of my camera since he was in his mama's belly! Few things bring more warm and fuzzy feelings than getting to capture a little one from birth to Milestone! 

This little man's mane was something to ROAR about for sure!

How many takes does it take for 3 brothers to look like they're playing nice...more than 4! LOL

No matter how adorable the babies are, you always have to get a 'NOT happy' capture!

I am SO elated to finally have a face diver in my studio!! He went face first into the cake and mama and I were loving it!!!

He was face first not once but multiple times, he attacked that cake like a little Lion, YES!!!!

What better way to finish off a lathering in icing than a Bubble Bath?!